Archive“Yeah, well you don’t know quack about duck!” Roast Duck & Brown Rice Congee.Duck8

The Lady Ain’t No Tramp – C&K weekend away.LE1

Seoul Food – Slow Roasted Korean Pork Ribs w/ Cucumber Kim ChiKimchi12

Kitchen Smarts – Being a food safe foodie.


Groat Expectations – Vanilla buckwheat porridgePORRIDGE2

Taking Comfort – pea and bacon risottoRisotto9

Kid Cannoli.KidCannoli

 Hey Mr Tamarind ManMrTamarindman

Hock, Stock and PharrelHock,stockandpharrell

Left OvasLeftOvas

An Avocado PairAvo

The Son of a Baker Man.bread7

 Pulp Addiction.semi

Pea – Gnocchi – Oh!Gnocchi

He’s Craisin in the Coconut! (that boy needs therapy)Granola

Something beginning with C.Clafoutis

Spatch and grab! Que?Spatchcock

Peaches, mango, pea-ches..Peaches

Mr Milk (the lactose free version…woo woooo!)Horchata

Sunshine, on my Shoulder (makes me happy!)Lambshoulder

Wings (can only get better !)WINGS

Mincing the night away…Laab

The Kong – Foo Sing ! (can you say no?)Kungfusing

Starting from scratch. ( Beam me up, Roti ? )Roti

Spaghetti and prawns. Our way.prawnpasta

A Toast(ie) to you and yours. Merry wait.. Happy New Year! .toastie

Less is more, more or less. (Get stuffed, crust)pizzaa

Vegeramalamadingdong! (The Post Katy Perry Post)Vegeram4

D.I.Y – or don’t. Masa Harina por favour.DIY6

Strawberry Shortcake – except with blueberries and almondsBluebrry6

Pupil Free Day – sweet potato and pepita loaf.Sweetpotatobread5

Barbaliboos and Pollywaffles.Ken2

Porktober – long live Septegetable.cuttingempanadas

Salad (birth)dayspinatacake

Nuts over the holidays.. maca3

Broken and Beaten (Eggs part 1).Tortilladinner

What Kid Did (chocolate banana brownie)Makingbrownie

A Nice Bit of Crumpet? Crumpet

One Fish, Two Fish …….. just one fish really. SalmonSalmon2

Carrot and Feta Dip w/ Mountain Bread Crisps (or) Grandad’s New BBQ.DSC_0358

Just Another Pumpkin (soup)DSC_0426

Black Eye Pea Gumbo -boom boom pow!DSC_0293

Sweet and Sour Burger Buddies w/ Super SlawDSC_0276

Spanish Brown Rice with Chorizo and Prawns (or -I can’t believe it’s not paella!) DSC_0240

Yummy Chicken Curry With Baked Coconut RiceDSC_0212

Potato Soup (yep, potato soup.)DSC_0197

Viet style Pork Mince with Eggplant ( five items or less).DSC_0145

Hot Sauce (probably not for kids)1142 (2)

Taco Taco Taco

Bacon and Egg Pasta ( Carbonara?)1392985912179

Hi there! Congratulations on making it all the way down here. Please excuse our earlier photos, We hope they don’t hurt your eyes too much. We’ve made progress since those days but are still proud of all our work.

Hope you like what you’re seeing,

Cook and Kid 🙂





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