Pork Sliders and Lime Spiders.

Sliders1Sliders! They’re small, they’re burgers, they’re yum!

Spiders! They’re fizzy, they’re ice-creamy, they’re yum!

The Brisbane Show or ‘Ekka’ is in town. We aren’t going this year, instead we’re making fun carnival food at home.

The first time I’d heard of a slider was about 10 years ago. At Sizzler. Yep. Sizzler. Now they’re everywhere here, riding the wave of American street food and Southern bbq.

Nothing new about a small burger  here really except the name, and everywhere you look people are putting more and more way-out and crazy fillings in them. Fried seafood, fried chicken, kimchi, onion rings, chillies, sriracha, pork belly, brisket, fruits, pickles, chutneys, cheeses, slaws. You name it. Whatever.

We’re keeping ours fairly simple with some slow roasted pork shoulder, bbq sauce and slaw. And also lime spiders to go with.

Watch us putting our sliders and spiders together here

Pulled Pork

2kg Free range pork shoulder – boned and rolled
Salt and pepper
1/2 a cup Bbq sauce – we used our own home-made.

Score the skin, rub in salt and pepper then put in the oven on 90*c for 12 hours. Low and slow folks. Try and do it too quickly and you lose moisture and tense up the meat. It’s also really easy this way. Set and forget. Baste with the pan juices at least twice throughout the process where possible.Sliders2

When the 12 hrs is up, remove the pork from the oven. Test it by giving a good squeeze. If it feels a bit squishy with little resistance we are ready. Be prepared to get a little messy here. Drain the pan juices in to a bowl. Trim the skin away, trim away any fat. Using either forks or gloved hands, shred the pork gently, pulling  the muscles and then fibres away from each other.
Season well, add the bbq sauce and a little of the pan juices and mix well. Serve warm. This will keep well in the fridge for a good few days also and can easily be re-heated.

What Kid Did

Kid made our coleslaw.

2 cups chopped red cabbage, 1 cup shredded carrot, 1 cup shredded celeriac, 1 cup sliced spring onion, 1 small red onion sliced, 1/2 bunch flat parsley – picked and chopped, juice of  1 lemon and 1/2 a cup of  mayo or garlic aioli.Untitled

Use an adult  to chop and shred everything (or maybe you have a chopping machine kids can get involved with). Then let kids get their hands dirty mixing the slaw really well. Try and prepare this about an hour before serving and refrigerate. It will allow the dressing to mascerate, or soften, the vegetables just enough.20150817_110205

Lime Spiders – Rather than using any sort of violent green soft drink or cordial, we’ve used a decent brand of ‘traditional’ lemonade, fresh lime juice and a little fine zest. Add a big ball of vanilla bean ice-cream right before serving. This is the carnival version of a green smoothie 😉Sliders3

Everything was delicious, tasty and fresh. And a just a bit fun too.

Happy Cooking


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  1. You sir, are a cad! How can you make me salivate so, on a crowded train, with no way to begin a 12 hour cook up? These look amazing and now I’m going to have to buy some ham hocks on the way home to make my version of these bites of awesomeness.
    Please feel free to come and stay with us anytime you like. I’ll make your bed up in the kitchen.


    • That is a very kind and generous offer David. Ta very muchly! Next time I’m down on the peninsula I’ll sing out 🙂 And good luck with your latest endeavour giving up sugar. You’re a braver man than I.


  1. Great ideas for great Pulled Pork | Cook And Kid

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