Just What The Doctor Ordered. Mushroom Soup w/ Lentils, Pine Nut Pangritata And Basil Oil

1buddybradleyfinalCook And Kid The Doctor!
Kid is still away on a beachy adventure so Doctor has kindly agreed to stand in today. Doctor is a vege-ma-tarian. No meat.
My Dad still has to ask about this (even though he’s had two vegetarian sons at different times) “What can she eat again?”
“Nothing that had a face or a pulse Dad”
So here we are. Just the Doctor and me and this outstanding hoard of mushrooms I’ve driven all over Brisbane trying to find.Shrooms.5 No pine mushrooms sadly. These are the times I miss living south. In Melbourne, a friendly older guy whose name escapes me would come to the kitchen back door with trays of freshly picked Pine and Slippery Jack mushrooms. Straight from the forest. And cheap.
Doctor loves mushrooms, especially the flavour of porcini – an earthy, meaty flavoured Italian mushroom ( pig mushrooms, roughly translated.) Porcini is most commonly available here as dried, powder or frozen. It’s expensive but you don’t need much.
Mushroom and Lentil Soup w/ Pine Nut Pangritata and Basil OilShrooms12HOW
Sweat the shallots, garlic and thyme (use plenty of butter) until soft and sweet. Add the mushrooms and cook with a lid on, stirring occasionally until the mushrooms are soft and fragrant. Add the sherry and reduce by half. Add stock and seasoning, simmer gently for 20 mins, add lentils. Bring to the boil. Turn off. Add crème fraiche and blitz until smooth.Shrooms7 Serve with extra sauté mushrooms, extra crème fraiche, pangritata and basil oil. Or just with some bread.Shrooms 8Pine Nut Pangritata
Pan what now? Also called poor man’s parmesan, this is really just fancy pants croutons. Ours is so fancy it has pine nuts in it.Shrooms2Chop some sour dough or other bread. It’s a good opportunity to use up old bread. Mix with chopped garlic, herbs, olive oil, salt and pepper and pine nuts. Bake on 140*c for around 25 minutes, stirring occasionally until golden and crispy. Grind in a mortar and pestle. This plays nicely with many pasta dishes and salads as well.
Basil OilShrooms3 Blanch a bunch of basil and refresh in cold water. Gently dry on some towel. Blitz with 1/2 a cup of olive oil. Let sit for 1hr then allow to drip through paper towel with a weight on top.
Porcini StockShrooms4About 10g of dried porcini, 4-5 bay leaves (aim for fresh), onion and mushroom trimmings, thyme, garlic, parsley stalks, peppercorns, 2 litres of water. Simmer gently for about and hour. Strain.
What The Doctor Did.
It’s fair to say that Doctor’s kitchen capabilities are, ahem, somewhat limited. She can sustain herself with fried eggs and jaffles for example, but has never made say, lasagne or a soup. Until now of course.Shrooms9There was plenty of grinding, stirring and blending and chopping to do. Doctor is bigger than Kid so she’s allowed a proper knife.Shrooms10Doctor is called so for having recently completed a doctorate in environmental business. We are yet to receive any amazing upgrades. Doctor is also currently writing a book about healing the earth and has a blog. We are also climbing Mt Kilimanjaro in September. The Doctor does not do things by halves.Shrooms11

The finished product! Thank you sweetheart ♥

Happy Cooking, see you soon, with Kid.


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  1. MJ

     /  July 9, 2015

    Wow Adam! The Doctor is H.O.T!
    Loved this post not just for the food or the lady, but because it goes some way in showing what a wonderful and loving man you are. The Doctor is lucky to have you.
    I heard that she enjoyed spending this time with you also. Although, she thought it should be pointed out that she had made soup before. Once. X



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