The Year Of Cooking Congruously.

 Congruous – adjective:  –  in agreement or harmony.

 A couple of years back I started getting my daughter more involved in the making of dinner. I’m a chef after all so it seemed obvious that  on at least one of our  2 nights a week we could be doing this together. Were I a mechanic she’d be learning how to change grease and oil.

Garden Kid

Garden Kid

Then a while later I got excited at the idea of writing, recording and sharing with other people. I spoke to my girlfriend (the Doctor) and then Kid’s mum and a couple of friends. Buoyed by their enthusiasm I wrote a mission statement, took a short on-line ‘blogging for beginners’ course and here we are……
12 months down the track. 54 posts, loads of recipes and stories and a Kidspot Voices of 2015 finalist badge under our belts. At some point (better late than never) I also took an interest in the photographic side of things. To celebrate we’re re-visiting our very first dish. Pasta Carbonara. Still one of Kid’s favourites!

What Kid Did.Carbs1Doctor bought us one of those bench top fry pans (thanks babe!) after I suggested it would be great for Kid to start cooking in. So Kid is cooking this week, with a little help and guidance from moi..Carbs3 A lovely green salad, some grilled bread and we were enjoying an excellent school holiday lunch. Soup was plenty for dinner, you can imagine. Kid did a wicked job here. I chopped stuff for her and lifted the pasta off the stove and talked her through most of it, but this is really Kid cooking her favourite dish. Nice one Kid!!Carbs4

Our Favourite 5 Posts –  In no particular order..

Cook Son of a Baker Man, Sunshine On My Shoulder, Spaghetti and Prawns, Kid Cannoli and Kitchen Safety. And Wings. Shaddup, I’m allowed six.

KidBacon and Egg Pasta ( Carbonara?), Kid Cannoli, Pea-Gnocchi-Oh, Left-Ova’s and Son of a Baker Man

What Kid Said
‘These were all super awesome recipes. Carbonara is my favourite dish ever, Pea-Gnocchi-Oh was fun to make, Cannoli was best dessert ever, Left-Ova’s made a delicious breakfast and Son of a Baker Man  was sooooo good! Healthy and delicious 😉 And about my Grandad!’

‘I love being part of Cook and Kid because of all the different dishes. Each week is a new surprise (she’s right, we’ve barely eaten the same dish twice since starting this). A lot of our recipes are  completely experimental but they work out GREAT. Dad as a chef is so great. He can whip up all sorts of meals including my top 5 above. They are my favourite memories of Cook and Kid.’

*Thanks Kid, although I would say ‘educated guess’ rather than completely experimental.
Best worst moments – Our first attempts at roti were woeful. Then there was the paella with brown rice which wasn’t ready until 9pm (4 hrs later) so before that we went and got bbq chicken salad from the IGA (now we cook the brown rice first.) Me letting my chef out and losing my shit at Kid for not listening (only once, okay maybe twice) and at my mum for putting too many lollies in Kid’s birthday cake (sorry mum). Trying to shortcut with the bread and taking longer for having to start again. Other than that we’ve managed to avoid any serious disasters or break downs….I’m sure there’ll be other opportunities 😉

On that though I’d like to reiterate – C&K is intended to be about inclusivity above anything else. Not to mention having some fun. I learned so much from my folks as a kid just from being around and helping out. All kids can learn great things this way and you can learn great things about your kids too. Cooking is togetherness no matter how simple or complex your undertaking. I hope that having a good appreciation of food, where it comes from and what to do with it  will be just another feather in Kid’s bow. Another ‘life skill’. Not to be taken too seriously though….And hopefully we’ve grown stronger for it.



Looking ahead…I’ve got a list of draft posts a mile long and a heap of ideas I’d like to bring to fruition. Instructional videos, e-books, guest Cooks and their Kids, an ‘ask the chef’ page amongst others. I’ve never been one for over-committing, more the ‘a little planning goes a long way’ type. Give-aways at some point too!

Special thanks belong to……..Mum and Dad for everything leading up to here and from here on in..  The Doctor my sweet, loving partner who has embarked on her own creative mission and offered no end of support and opinion on C&K. ♥♥♥ Kid’s mum  who  leant loads of bloggy know-how over the year. . Other lovely and encouraging ‘on-line creatives’ and friends for those likes and comments that are the little shove along that keep us going. Kidgredients and Cooker and a Looker come to mind. And most of all………….. Kid. Of course. For all that you ‘did’. I love that girl to the stars and back (and you would too) and we wouldn’t be here without her. X

Stay tuned for more Adventures In The Kitchen!



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  1. Happy 1 year! I didn’t know you lost your shit but I guess it’s a chef thing? My dad is normally a very quiet man except in his kitchen. I worked in our Chinese takeaway after school where my dad was the cook and it was an enlightening experience! As long as you’re aware of if and know that too many lollies isn’t such a bad thing….

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, its a chef thing. I’m no Gordon but I’ve had my moments. There’s a few young cheffies out there that learnt the hard way not to press my buttons. Old habits die hard. Nothing will stop my mum giving her grand daughter lots of lollies. Oh well, it’s all love really. I see your early exposure to food via your family has rubbed off too. It’s a great thing 🙂 My mum was a wedding cake decorator. Our kitchen was always covered in containers of sugar work and the laundry stank of fruit soaking in rum. Good times 🙂


  2. That’s quite a year Adam! Congrats to you and the kid. x

    Liked by 1 person


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