Just An After Thought….the week that was

On the weekend I had the opportunity to attend the Kidspot Voices of 2015 conference.  Check that sexy new sticker over there huh. Pretty swish.
You can click it if you like. Thanks Kidspot.
Congrats and thanks to these folk as well. Lorelei, writing lady, Amanda, Deborah, book girl, Reena, Deborah’s friend that I sat next to, Kelly and Meg, Dads on-line, Big Kid Little Kid. These are folks I met at the conference. Thanks Amanda from Cooker and a Looker for the nomination. That was a lovely surprise.
I was one of four men in the room of over 100 women and rather than feel out-of-place I felt welcomed, even if I was a little stand off-ish.
It was a strange room to walk into.
Stayed in my first Air-bnb right in the guts of Fitzroy (my home for years in another life time, Kid was born here.) where I met Alan, an amazing host and baker of bread. 20150614_103117[1]A beautiful blue stone cottage with fire-place and  character to spare. Each morning there was a full pot of steaming black tea, cedar-brown toast and marmalade and pats with this guy, Jack.
On the first night after a late flight I visited my favourite pub in Fitzroy called the Builder’s Arms, of which I had this to say on FB …Builders arms

I’ve been saying it for years now but…if you like food and a good pub and are in Melbourne, go to the Builders Arms in Fitz.. Andrew McConnell is the kitchen overseer. One of my heroes. I walk in at 1030 on a Friday night (solo) am greeted with a full menu and specials, given a taste of the oatmeal stout before committing to a glass and a smell of the whiskey. I’m greeted with a plate of house bread and butter at my seat (the same one I always take, the 2 or 3 times a year I visit) in THE PUBLIC BAR. Totally comfortable and made to feel at ease by the staff. The dining room is still pumping, families, suits and scenesters elbow to shoulder, all aglow with a happy night’s feasting. The Moon Under Water I’m yet to visit, it’s a story by Orwell, one of my favourites, about what the perfect pub should be, and the name of the fine dining room. I have no doubt of its quality, if a public bar and dining room run like this, I can only imagine it’s the same but better. My pickled mussels with crisps and aioli and fried goats cheese will remain with me all weekend. Not in a ‘pass the quik-eze’ way either, but a ‘ I wish this was my local or at least a short taxi ride away’ kind of feel.. Good times. ..

This is the place..http://www.buildersarmshotel.com.au/

This is the story…http://theorwellprize.co.uk/george-orwell/by-orwell/essays-and-other-works/the-moon-under-water/
I managed a recovery swim in Fitzroy pool and a spa and steam room to shake out the cob webs of post conference celebrations.20150614_121210[1]

Ate at a magic sustainable food joint called Yong Green – check it. Best and most creative food out for a while. Not that we make it past the local Thai or Japanese or Pizzeria that often…http://yonggreenfood.com.au/

Caught up with dear mates Claudia, Ty and Jazz. All Brisbane expats now situated in Melbs..

What Kid Did
Well. She had a sleepover at Baba’s (grandma) with her other family. When we caught up Monday we hung at Doctor’s place and watched dvds and ate a simple pasta. Good hugs too. Love that Kid and I missed her on Tuesday because this week I’m on Jury duty AND working…. Hence the non – cooking post.20150601_164951[1]
What I found interesting is this , after receiving a wonderful accolade from peers and learning all I could from the great speakers of the day and meeting other ‘on-line creatives’, I actually feel incredibly overwhelmed at what to do next (possibly due to just being very busy right now, sure.)
Is this about earning money and if so how? Or is that the worst way to approach a creative project? Is it passive income or the other. Do I write e-books, write for others or form a group on a social page. Which platform should I be focussing on. Is it Pinterest? Am I tweeting enough? What does any of it mean and can someone please explain links to me again?
I have decided this though. I enjoy  cooking and sharing time and skills with my daughter. I enjoy showing off a little on the interweb and yes I would like to grow and do more things and reach more people. I’ve discovered (always suspected) that I really like writing, can do it fairly competently and want to be able to keep doing it. To do this I need to take my time, concentrate on delivering decent original content consistently, in my own way. Would anyone else like to see a distinction between food blogs and cooking blogs? Is that mean?
I really like taking the photos now too. In the beginning it just gave me the shits…I didn’t want to play that game.
I need to go back to the start and learn all the things I’ve missed along the way. For example what the George Orwell is an RSS feed?
I should know by now but to me it’s something that just happens to other people.
I know I wouldn’t be feeling some pressure on the money side if I wasn’t looking at a shift away from commercial kitchens down the track  and into a different way of working with food and cooking. It’s a young man’s game, taxing physically and emotionally draining also… Keeping burnout at bay is on the mind of most chefs who reach 40.
Of course for me, like a lot of us ‘foodies’, the dream is to be Luke Ngyuen. Or Maeve or Poh or the Gourmet Farmer. (Not one of the three stooges from ‘you know what’ though…)
But there aren’t many of those positions and they’re all taken…
So for now I’m already planning next week’s post (getting back to basics – scones) and thinking of just one  thing to learn this week. And another the week after that.

And then just see which way the wind blows….

The afore-mentioned….

Lorelei – http://craftsmumship.com/

Deborah – http://www.learnwithplayathome.com/

Writing Lady (Emily) – http://havealaughonme.com/

Deborah’s friend – Kate http://laughingkidslearn.com/

Book Girl – (Sarah) https://commasandampersandsblog.wordpress.com/

Meg – http://littlekindred.com/

And Kelly – http://www.mylittleadventures.com.au/

Reena – http://www.themummyproject.com/

Dads on line ( Peter) – http://www.dadsonline.com.au/

Big Kid Little Kid (David) – http://www.bigkidlittlekid.net/

Amanda ..http://www.cookerandalooker.com/

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  1. You were right in my neighbourhood! *waves* – I think you’re totally doing all the right things. Just keep writing and taking good photos and making friends – the rest follows as it should, usually!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Pip. It’s a great neighbourhood. I like to hang there whenever I come down. Not for nostalgia, it’s just a great area. Thanks for the support too….I’m past the moment now and ready to keep doing…


  2. HI right back at ya Adam! It was bonzer to meet you on the weekend and your blog is excellent! I love cooking but you put my cheese toasties to shame.
    Don’t worry about the ins & outs of blogging. There are far too many things to know and more advice than any brain can deal with. You’re clearly doing it right – just keep on being you dude.
    Looking forward to scones (is this recipe I can do with a two year-old?)
    And a huge thank you for the shout out. Greatly appreciated Good Sir.


    • Nice to meet you too David, brief though it was. Good to make new blog friends. I think there’s always something for kids to do somewhere and if not then just being around to watch and see the process is important. That stuff sinks in. It’s why I started writing actually, all the things I picked up from mum and dad either by osmosis or helping out. I brought a lot of that to cheffing rather than learning it there. Heaps of apprentices are clueless on things I’ve always taken as given…..Anyways its great together time with the kids if nothing else. We don’t need to be raising great cooks, just people who won’t be stuck in the t/a rut when they leave us. And they will leave us. Look at that, you got me started. Thanks for the advice David. I’m keeping an eye out for your posts as well 🙂



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