Taking Comfort – pea and bacon risotto

Risotto10Sometimes it’s the simple things that grab you. Perfectly golden toast in the morning, remembering that you’ve just made tea and it’s at the perfect temperature to drink, finding a row of chocolate that you thought was eaten. One at a time is great, but all at once?
Forget about it!
Comfort food can do this for you any old time.
What’s your favourite?
Mum’s bangers and mash perhaps? Pumpkin soup with crusty bread?
I’ve been wanting try and do something with rice in the slow cooker (a new addition to our lives) for a while so this week we made this very comfortable little dish.
And it made us happy.

Pea and Bacon Risotto,
slow cooker style..

Turn your slow cooker onto high with the lid on to build some heat. Bring the stock to boil on the stove. Put the butter, rice and garlic in the cooker and stir gently. The idea here is to soften the garlic a little and have the rice absorb the oil and become translucent. When this is the case (it will depend on the appliance) add your boiling stock, stir gently and smooth out the rice. Put the lid on. I added a couple of fresh bay as an after thought. No pressure.Risotto3It needs to just simmer very gently, if it starts boiling, turn it down to low for about 30 minutes. Now you can prepare the fillings. It’s important to have everything ready BEFORE the rice is cooked. Risotto waits for nobody.Risotto4

What Kid Did

Grated the parmesan cheese, smooshed the peas and helped cook the bacon. Smashed the parsley and olive oil in a mortar and pestle. You can just chop it and throw it in but this really releases that fresh parsley flavour.
And safer for Kid. Risotto5We are being special and using 3 different types of pancetta – streaky, round and a black forest ham for a delicate smoky feel. Rasher bacon from the shops is fine too. Risotto2Give the risotto a stir after 30 mins, make sure it’s evenly spread before the lid goes back on for 10 more minutes. All of your liquid should be absorbed and the rice firm but tender.Risotto7 One of Kids’ favourite things is roast carrots. So we’ve also roasted some baby carrots in a little oil and added some extra greens to serve with the risotto. Lovely Autumn fare this.Risotto6Back to the rice. Now we can fold in our peas, bacon and parmesan. Check the seasoning after you’ve added the bacon and cheese as both are salty. Risotto8Fold through the rice along with your parsley paste and serve straight away with some parmesan on top and if you’ve bothered, your vegetables on the side. We also saved extra pancetta for on top and a little drizzle of the parsley oil.Risotto9There’s enough for 4 people here, especially with the extra vegetables. I had some for breakfast the next day and didn’t need to eat again until lunch time. Even after exercising.
Vegetarians can replace the chicken stock for veg and replace the bacon with other vegetables easily enough.
Replacing 1/3 of the stock with dry white wine will yield good results also.
Replacing my glass of water with a nice dry white wine also showed good results.
Funny that.
Enjoy 🙂

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  1. Ok- so I’m going to have to try risotto in the slow cooker. 😉 I don’t think many peas will make it into the risotto though if Miss 4 is Head Pea Sheller…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Once you start, it’s hard to stop with fresh peas. When I was little we had a cocker spaniel called Mandy who would chase the dropped ones all over the kitchen floor to eat them.



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