Wings (can only get better !)

Wings11So I think we all know by now, thanks to the advent of the ‘American Diner in Australia’ scene, that the best way to eat chicken wings is deep-fried and smothered in chilli (buffalo) sauce whilst surrounded by trendy dudes with cool pants and brylcreem, drinking craft beer.

Hipsters eating chicken wings!

Awesome. Except it doesn’t have to be this way, especially because most of us don’t deep fry at home and I can’t  yet bring myself to expose Kid to that much facial hair. She’s quite impressionable  🙂

But we do love a good wing. (I’m a bone muncher me, how about you?)

Roast Chicken Wings

2kg wings
Olive Oil
Salt and pepper
This should feed four with accompaniments.


Pre-heat the oven to 180*c. Rub the oil and seasoning into the wings.Wings9 Arrange on baking paper-lined trays in the oven for about an hour. Make sure they each have their own space, overlapping will detract from crispy. Turn them and baste them with the oil in the tray after 30 mins. Remove when the wings are brown and crispy. Drain on some paper towel and add a little salt whilst still hot. Scoff.Wings10

Plum Sauce

2 cups chopped plums - ripe
1 tablespoon miren
2 tablespoons malt vinegar
1 teaspoon grated ginger
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon all spice



Place everything in a non-reactive pot and simmer gently for about 30 – 40 mins. Depending on the plums (we used candy plums) a deep red colour should develop. When everything is soft and squishy, puree or pass through a sieve.
Serve with wings and ranch salad.Wings4

What Kid Did

Kid helped out with the plum sauce by measuring and stirring and stuff. Then there was the ranch dressing and preparing of the ranch salad. Add to that some pretty tasty refreshments (keep reading) which paired  well with the rest of dinner.Wings5I suggested to Kid that the salad was the Yin to the chicken wings’ Yang. A nice contrast of crisp, tangy salad to the fun, fatty, saltiness of the wings.

Tangy Ranch Dressing

 1 tablespoon French mustard ( or similar )
 150 ml mild olive oil
 2 egg yolks
 1 garlic clove
 juice of 1 lemon
 50 ml apple cider vinegar ( or similar )


Using a food processor or stick blender, blitz  everything except the oil until it’s a bit fluffy. It’s important to do this well, the processing of yolks with the acid kills any bacteria concerns you may have about using raw eggs. Slowly add the oil a little at a time until it’s all combined. It should have the consistency of a runny mayonnaise. Apply liberally to a big bowl of your favourite salad fruit and vegetables.
Serve with wings and plum sauce. The dressing will keep in the fridge for a week.Wings6

white peach fizz

Keeping with the stone fruit theme (’tis the season) I got this idea from Neil Perry in the paper on the weekend, except instead of lemonade he used champagne.
And I respect that.
You could also replace half the lemonade for some white wine for a nice simple white Sangria.


Smash some really ripe white peach in the mortar and pestle. Place in glasses with lots of ice, top up with lemonade and stir. Yum. O. We used I peach between 2 glasses.

Buffalo Wings

 2kg wings
 1 egg - beaten
 100 ml chilli sauce - see the link below to my own recipe
 1 teaspoon white pepper
 200g cornflour
 200g rice flour

I just started making these at my new job and we get a very positive response.WingsCoat the wings with the sauce, pepper and egg. Combine the flours. Roll the wings in the flour then deep fry on 160*c for 6-8 mins depending on the size of your wings. Serve with (or smothered in) extra chilli sauce and some mayo. Or plum sauce would be fab too.

What are you serving up tonight?

What are you serving up tonight?

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  1. Heather Binns

     /  February 11, 2015

    Aced it with your chicken wings and all that goes with them, thanks CookandKid! Always have trouble giving them a bit of oomph when I do cook them, so must try your version! lol

    Liked by 1 person

  1. The Year Of Cooking Congruously. | Cook And Kid

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