Spaghetti and prawns. Our way.

Today I have a craving for a really garlicky pasta. And some greens.
We had a burger, movie and popcorn kind of day today so Kid and I both need some plant life.

I was going to make this for G.F last week, but with haloumi instead of prawns.
Vegetarian like.
G.F declined on the grounds of being tired and wanting to stay home.
My cooking is only so tempting apparently.. 🙂


I had a disappointing experience in a local French bistro a couple of nights ago, $40 for small bowl of rice, not much seafood (average quality) and  not  much flavour.

This dish is my antidote.

Spaghetti w/ prawns, broccolini, peas, garlic and lemon.
Spaghetti – packet is perfectly fine. I did. A 500gm packet will feed 6 well.
Prawns – Roughly 200gm per person (whole weight) peeled and butterflied, keep the tails. Freeze the shells. One day we’ll make soup or something.
Garlic – about 2-3 cloves ( thinly sliced ) per person. Up to you really.
Peas – a handful each. We used frozen, fresh are good too. Defrost them in some hot water.
Broccolini – about half a bunch each. Long strips, stem removed.
Olive oil – about 50 ml ea.The better the olive oil, the better this dish is.
Mine is from Aldi. Quality! (It’s actually pretty good.)
Fresh lemons – half each

Boil the pasta in plenty of boiling, lightly salted water.
Drain, rinse very gently and toss with a good belt of olive oil.

Put a pot of water on the stove and bring to the boil. Heat a good size fry pan to a medium heat. Add a little olive oil. Put the prawn tails in the pan and sauté until they go bright red. Leave them in the pan. We are doing this to add some flavour to the pan and also for a salty, prawny treat later. If you’re game.

Add a little more oil to the pan, then  the prawn meat and a little salt.
Sauté the prawns until they’re only, very, just, cooked. Overcooked prawns go tough.
Remove from the pan and put aside.


Now you’ll need to do 2 things at once. Ready? Add a little more olive oil.
Put the broccolini into the water. Have some tongs ready.30 seconds is heaps.
Add the garlic to the pan and sauté until it starts to get a little colour.
Don’t let it get too brown or it will take on a bitter flavour.
Remove the tails now.
Drain on some paper towel, add some salt and lemon and eat them all up.
Or don’t.
Mayo is your friend here.

Pull the broccoli out and add it straight to the pan. Add the peas and prawns too.
It was at this point that Kid said “Yum, I could just eat that!”.
Add the cooked pasta, a little more oil, a good squeeze of lemon and season.
Serve. With a little grated parmesan and some bread.
A leafy salad would go a long way too.Prawnpasta8

What Kid Did
Kid made some pizza bread with parmesan. A great little side to this dish.
Look in the pizza post for the dough recipe. I’m still working on the recipes page.
She used a third and sprinkled loads of parmesan and a little olive oil on top. Good stuff.
Kid was everywhere for this one, cooking the pasta and the broccolini, peeling the prawns with minimal ‘eewwwws’, grating parmesan and cleaning up.
Big thumbs up from Kid also, she ate almost as much as I did.

What Else?
This pasta is all about the garlic and the greens.
A few prawns are just adding some flavour and texture.
My local fishy in Milton had some awesome king prawns in the window today.
I bought 10 prawns but they were so enormous, we only needed 3 each.
I’ve frozen the rest for fried rice or some such down the track.


The prawns are expensive, but the rest of the ingredients cost very little.
We used broccolini because it was on special and works well with spaghetti.
Broccoli is just fine too.
A tin of tuna or a little  bacon or salami will work happily in place of the prawns.
Or use the previous suggestion for vegetarian.
Add some olives or nuts or chilli or even a little white wine to pimp it out. Go on.

There are troves of books and websites espousing the health benefits of broccoli, garlic and olive oil. And the Mediterranean diet.
This post is too long already.
Use Google or the local library.
And trust in the fact that you feel great after eating them.

Happy Cooking 🙂

Oh hey, there we are!

Oh hey, there we are!

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  1. Anita Colbier

     /  January 14, 2015

    Hi Cook, this is a great post. I have now have a craving for a non-seafood version. Just wondering if you are likely to do a post on making your own spaghetti with Kid? Or is it a bit too complicated for the young ones?


    • Thanks Mahdi I mean Anita. I appreciate your feedback. And yes, kid and I will certainly be doing a DIY pasta day soon. Probably when the weather cools a little. It’s great fun to do and now that Kid is getting a feel for working with dough, I reckon we’ll have a good time with it. A nice vegetarian sauce to go with perhaps? 🙂


  1. The Year Of Cooking Congruously. | Cook And Kid

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